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Download all your favourite songs from the web at one place. No more searching through the links given by Google Search, Music-Scraper does it for you.


  • python>=2.7
  • Scrapy>=1.1.1

Getting Started

Ensure that you have setuptools>=24.0.3 installed for proper installation of music_scraper. Installation of setuptools can be done with

pip install setuptools==24.0.3

Install Music-Scraper from pip directly

pip install music_scraper


Clone this repository to get started.

git clone https://github.com/srivatsan-ramesh/Music-Scraper.git
cd Music-Scraper/

And install it.

python setup.py install

You can also install it for development.

python setup.py develop

If Scrapy installation creates some problem refer this link.

How to Use

Type ‘music-scraper’ in the terminal and type in a query which can give audio files in Google Search. For example ‘kabali songs download’.

How to Contribute

Read the docs for API reference from here. If you could think of any improvements for the project feel free to make a PULL REQUEST.


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